Formable Straight Edge Finishing Profile

  • Formable Straight Edge Finishing Profile

It is an end profile for the outer corners of the wall in ceramic surface coatings and a good edge is both a stylish and durable corner protector. It perfectly covers the corner fractures of ceramic coatings. In terms of color at the outer edges of the desired color coating, it is possible to match the ceramic color or to create decorative designs with interesting contrasts.

  Wider application areas include clean finishes and baseboards of carpets, natural stone or epoxy coatings on the wall. Besides the decorative effect of the profile, the ceramics in the edge zone are effectively protected against damage caused by mechanical stresses. It perfectly covers the joint slippage and image pollution that we frequently encounter in ceramic coating applications. It prevents the appearance of the corner fractures of the tiles and allows easy cleaning of the inner corners of the walls.

This product can also be used as an elegant baseboard.

The outer surface of the profile forms the symmetrical rounded corners of the ceramic tiles. Thanks to the integrated joint wing, it provides a certain joint gap between the ceramic and the joint. Profiles with various surfaces allow decorative designs and interesting contrasts to be created.

  • Product Code: ist-110

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